Brake rotor

The brake disc or commonly called the brake rotor, this is the one important part of a car’s braking system.

Some simply made of cast iron call solid brake disc, others are hollowed out and have added fins that joins the discs two contact surfaces, we called vented brake disc.

RARE  OEM Brake disc

The vented discs are able to shed the heat build-up more quickly than solid discs which lead to a longer period of time before brake fade becomes an issue and more consistent braking accordingly.

High-Performance brake discs have holes which commonly known as cross drilling and was done to redistribute gas on the disc surface. The holes let the gas to pass through it when the brake pads clamp down on the disc.

The Brake disc processing technology

We use high-quality HT250 raw materials for customers to produce high-quality brake discs.

Brake disc commonly used materials for China’s gray cast iron 250 standards, referred to as HT250. The main chemical composition is C (3.1-3.4), Si (1.9-2.3), Mn (0.6-0.9), hardness requirements between 187-241. The brake disc blank is cast by heat treatment to improve the internal stress generated during the casting process, reduce the deformation and cracking, and improve the machinability of the casting. After screening will meet the requirements of the blank pieces for machining.

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